• Location
    Triglavska cesta 17,
    Bohinjska Bistrica,
    4264 Bohinj,
  • Stars

    **** (4 star hotel)

  • Reviews

    4,4 Star rated on Google (700+ ratings)

    8,5 rated on Booking (1000+ ratings)

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Bohinj ECO Hotel located in Bohinjska Bistrica (few miles away from lake Bohinj) is the largest hotel near lake Bohinj and one of the most luxurious hotels in that area. While it offers anything one could expect, from pool, sauna, wellness, spa, fitness and many more it has only one downsite: it’s located 5 miles from Bohinj lake which means that guests need a transportation if they want to visit lake Bohinj.


Otherwise Bohinjska Bistrica is very nice area surrounded by nature nearby mountains, ski area and it is a great starting point for hiking and walking.

Bohinj ECO Hotel is, as Booking stated “peace oasis loccated in the entrance of Triglav National Park”. That is definitely true. Bohinj ECO Hotel was even awarded as first Eco hotel in Slovenia. It offers charging station for electric vehicles.


Bohinj ECO Hotel has a good restaurant where one can enjoy Slovenian and Mediterranean culinary along with special low-cal and vegetarian dishes made of local ECO ingredients (Bohinj is the best source of Slovenian ECO food production known especially by cheese and meet).


AS one can expect, rooms in Bohinj ECO Hotel offer full height windows, are non-allergen, climatised and have floor heating.


Mostly guests receive free entrance to water park that measures over 3500 square meters and ahs inside and outside slides. By extra payment you can also receive in exclusive wellness and spa in the upper part of hotel.

Winter activities

In winter the Bohinj ECO Hotel is an excellent place for skiing, ice skating, winter hiking and especially ski touring, snowshoeing and ski alpine.

Summer activities

This location is excellent for climbers since there are many climbing areas nearby that offer many tough routes (Over 8a). Very popular activities are rafting and kayaking, canyoning and hiking. You can do the mon your own or use a service of highly trained guides.

One of the top hotels near lake Bohinj

Hotel Gasperin Bohinj is located near lake Bohinj (few minutes walk) & near store. Altough the local road is close t othe hotel it offers calm and quiet accomodation.