Best Hotels in Ribčev Laz Bohinj

So called Ribčev Laz is located by the main road that leads to Bohinj Lake from Bohinjska Bistrica. Ribčev Laz starts on the end of this road when approaching Lake Bohinj. By this road there are stationed main hotels near the lake. These are (from farthest) Hotel Kristal, Hotel Gasperin, Hotel Center and Hotel Jezero. Lets see what are the main differences (pros and cons) of these hotels and which will suit you the most.

Why stay in Ribčev Laz

Ribčev Laz has many advantages. One of them is definitely location. It is just a place where you can get everything. You can buy grocery, it is close to the lake, there are many bars and restaurants around and you can easily hire a boat or a caanoo?. This is where most is happening in Bohinj.

Ribčev Laz however could be compared (must be) to Stara Fužina. On first site (at least when reading) it might seem a bit similar. Stara Fužina is also close to the lake, you can also buy grocery there (shop Krpan) and there are also restaurants there. But one thing is very very different between to. Ribčev Laz is compared to Stara Fužina new part of Bohinj, while Stara Fužina is old village where locals live and work. Therefore one can find there local pubs and restaurants that is where local people go to eat and hang out. Stara Fužina has history while Ribčev Laz will have to make on yet. 

Hotels in Ribčev Laz Bohinj

Hotel Kristal in Ribčev Laz is located a bit more than 500 meters from lake Bohinj. It’s a very nice hotel built in alpine style. It is somehow similar to hotel Gasperin Bohinj because they are both small hotels compared to Hotel Jezero or especially Bohinj ECO Hotel. Besides those two you can find in Ribčev laz hotels like Hotel Center and Hotel Jezero. A bit further by the lake there is also located Hostel po Voglom and a Camp Zlatorog. Besided all the mentioned, Ribčev Laz has nothing else to offer.