All Best Hotels in Lake Bohinj Slovenia

Lake Bohinj is the largest natural lake in Slovenia. It is also one of the cleanest lakes in Slovenia and worldwide. The water in Lake Bohinj is pure enough to drink. Located in the Triglav National Park, lake Bohinj offers wild nature, pure and calm place under the globe where one can rest and enjoy.

There are many accommodation variants one can choose in Bohinj. However if you want to be settled as near lake Bohinj as possible there are few options. Few hotels and appartments.

In this post you can find Bohinj Hotel descriptions according to their location and comfort. If you’re interested in the best Bohinj Hotels you might find this article useful

Lake Bohinj Slovenia Hotels

Bohinj is area located in Triglav national Park Slovenia. Bohinj is not a city, town or a village. It is simply name of the area. The town nearest to Lake Bohinj is Bohinjska Bistrica which is located few miles (5) away from Lake Bohinj. Altough Bohinj is not a town, there is everything one might need located directly near Lake Bohinj. Store, pharmacy, hotels, …

There are about 4 hotels located directly near Lake Bohinj. These are Bohinj Hotel Jezero (10 meters) , Hotel Bohinj Gasperin (500 meters), Hotel Bohinj (70 meters), Hotel Center (60 meters).

Other hotels in or around Lake Bohinj are located in Bohinjska Bistrica or in the villages around Bohinj.

Hotel Gasperin Bohinj


Hotel Gasperin Bohinj is one of the top rated hotels in Bohinj. It is actually a pension or so called B&B (bed and breakfast) accomodation. It is located about 500 meters from lake Bohinj and is exeptional because of its’ spacious rooms and solid wood furniture. Read more about Hotel Gasperin Bohinj in our review.

Hotel Bohinj

hotel bohinj

Hotel Bohinj is located directly by Lake Bohinj and river Sava Bohinjka. It offers accommodation in one or two bed rooms or in suites and apartments. Good location is the main advantage besides affordable price. See more

Hotel Bohinj Center

hotel center bohinj

Hotel Center Bohinj is located in the centre of Ribcev Laz, that is 60 meters away from lake Bohinj. It is situated behind Hotel Jezero, so it is not the best option if you’re looking for a good views. More info.

Hotels in Bohinjska Bistrica Slovenia

Bohinj ECO Hotel


Bohinj Park EKO Hotel offers rooms and apartments for a total of up to 21 persons. The facility is located in the quiet surroundings. It offers all comfort one could possibly want in rooms along with water park, massage rooms and more. It is a very good location if you want to ski in the winter and in the summer if you want to combine pool with lake bohinj swimming.

Top Accomodation in Bohinj

Chalet Appartments Alpik in Bohinj

Chalet Apartments ALPIK bohinj

Chalet Apartments ALPIK bohinj are located near Slap Savica, which is few miles above lake Bohinj. Accommodation in Chalet Apartments ALPIK bohinj offers totally different experience than any other. You can smell the woods, fell the ambient and actually live the way people here live. See more and decide for yourself

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