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Best Hotels in Bohinj

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Frequently asked questions

About Lake Bohinj & Bohinj Hotels

What are best hotels near lake Bohinj?

You can find three hotels that are located near lake Bohinj. These are (sorted by distanc efrom lake Bohinj): Hotel Jezero, Hotel Gasperin Bohinj and hotel Majerca. A bit more remote but still close to lake Bohinj there is also Hotel Kristal. You can also find many apartments and other rentals near lake Bohinj.

What is the most luxurious hotel in Bohinj?

The largest and the most luxurious hotel in Bohinj is located in Bohinjska Bistrica which is located about 5 miles from lake Bohinj. The hotel is called Bohinj ECO Hotel and it offers many advantages from exquisite cuisine (vegetarian, local, eco food) to wellness, spa and water park. IT is one of the top choices among Bohinj tourists.

Which is best hotel for families in Bohinj?

There are many options families visiting Bohinj can choose from. However our top choice for families visiting Bohinj is Hotel Gasperin. Hotel Gasperin offers very spacious rooms with balconies, peaceful ambient and it is located a few hundred meters away from lake Bohinj. The prices are affordable although not cheap.

Which hotel is closest to lake Bohinj?

It is the Hotel Jezero which is located directly by lake Bohinj. It offers rooms with a view of lake and a terrace restaurant and bar with a view of a lake. Hotel Jezero was recently renovated due to a fire so the rooms and equipment are brand new.